Frequently asked questions

The delivery time is indicated with each product. In most cases, we can deliver your order to your home or store within 48 hours.

This all depends on the size of your order and which delivery service we need to use for it. Some services do deliver on weekends, others do not.

No deliveries are made on Sundays and holidays.

For Belgium, shipping costs are as follows: € 6,95 VAT incl.

For the Netherlands, shipping costs are as follows: € 9,95 VAT incl.

It is fortunately rare, if ever, but because of unforeseen circumstances, a delivery may be delayed. Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye on the track & trace for the latest information regarding your delivery.

We treat our products with the utmost care and always package them in the best possible way. However, possible damage during transport, due to unforeseen circumstances, can never be excluded.

If you did receive a damaged product, you can fill out a return form clearly describing what occurred and what you would like as a solution.

You are expecting an order, but it has not been delivered or only partially delivered? That is annoying. In this case, check the following points first.

  1. The track & trace code: Check the status of your order on the track & trace page. Your order may have been lost in transit, damaged or delayed for some other reason. It is also possible for one order to be delivered in multiple partial deliveries.
  2. The delivery address: Is the delivery address you entered correct?
  3. The (digital) mailbox: Have you received a non-home notice in your (digital) mailbox? Your package may have been delivered to your neighbors, dropped off at a nearby pickup point, or the delivery driver scheduled a new delivery time.

Have you checked all the above points, but still did not receive your order or only partially received it? Please contact our customer service, preferably via E-mail

You can contact us to report any complaint.We will check it out right away and investigate what went wrong. We will try to find an appropriate solution for you as soon as possible.

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